You can browse an archive of this interactive knowledge feature here. As a project from 2009, this is in 3D Flash.

On July 14th 2009 I went to hear Roy Green speak at UTS’s Business School, entitled “Invest in Australia’s Knowledge Future”. At the time I was working on their new external engagement program, known as Business21C.

As the new Dean his subject was the nature of innovation. The message was clear – as Australia forges a direction ahead out of the Global Financial Crisis, we are given an opportunity to rethink our processes and practice for the next generation. Design thinking. Innovation. Leadership. Investment in our future rather than tax cuts. The talk was pretty full of issues and ideas, but perhaps a little buried in Powerpoint bullets.

The presentation was an ideal information design exercise, to break apart those linear Powerpoint bullets and recast them as sets of inter-related themes and tags that can be explored in an extremely non-linear fashion. The result is a sort mind map of concepts that are informing Roy Green’s new curriculum, as an interactive 3D Flash presentation.

A video of it in action is above, and the Information Architecture behind this work is below.

Invest in Australia's Knowledge Future - Information Architecture

Low Tech Innovation


Knowledge Tagging

Interactive information graphics is a significant growth area at the moment and we intend to push a few techniques to illustrate the ideas coming out of Business21C’s articles.

Scott David leads User Experience strategy and design at the World Economic Forum, across their digital platforms for data-driven knowledge and communities of global leadership.

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